Open Command (File Menu)

The Open Command will display the File Open Dialog, which allows you to open and process a module, or to open a Dependency Walker Image (DWI) file.

You may also open modules directory from an Explorer window by right-clicking on the module you wish to open and choosing "View Dependencies" from the context menu. In order for this to work, you must tell Dependency Walker what file extensions to handle by using the Handled File Extensions Command.

Dependency Walker uses a multiple document interface that allows more than one Module Session Window to be opened and visible at once. Use the Window Menu to switch between the multiple open Module Session Windows. See the Window 1, 2, 3, ... Command for more information.


Keys: CTRL+O
Shell: Drag and drop modules on top of Dependency Walker to open them.
Shell: Right-click on a module file in the Shell and choose "View Dependencies" from the Shell's context menu.