Configure External Function Help Collection Dialog

This dialog is used to determine what help collection should be used when the Lookup Function in External Help command is invoked. Dependency Walker will examine your computer and determine what help collections are installed and available for you to use. It supports collections from MSDN, Visual Studio 6.0, and Visual Studio 7.0. Dependency Walker can also perform a lookup over the internet using the MSDN online help. This is useful if you don't have any installed collections, or your collections are out of date.

Use the following MSDN collection

Select this radio button to indicate that you wish to use an installed help collection rather than the online collection.

Collection list

This is a list of help collections that Dependency Walker found installed on your system. Dependency Walker attempts to sort the list from the most relevant help collection to the least relevant help collection.


This button will rescan your system for help collections.

Use MSDN online (Use a %1 to represent the function name)

Select this radio button to indicate that you wish to use the MSDN online help rather than an installed help collection.


This field contains the URL that Dependency Walker will launch in a browser window when you invoke the Lookup Function in External Help command. Dependency Walker will replace all occurrences of %1 in the URL with the name of the function you are looking up.

Default URL

This button will fill in the URL field with the default URL for using MSDN online. This default URL was determined at the time Dependency Walker was released and may not work in the future if MSDN online changes the format of their URL. For this reason, the URL field has been provided so that you can modify the URL to fit your needs.