Search for Executable File Extensions Dialog

This dialog will automatically search one or more of your disk drives looking for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows modules. Once the search is complete, you can choose which of the files you want Dependency Walker to handle.

Drives to Search

This list shows all drive letters currently available on your computer. By default, all drives that are local hard drives are highlighted. Select the drives you wish to search and press the Search button to begin. While searching, the word "Searching" will appear next to the drive that is currently being searched.

Extensions to Add

Once the searching begins, this list will be populated as 32-bit or 64-bit Windows modules are found. During the search, the list itself will be disabled, preventing you from unselecting items. Once the search completes, you can select which files you want Dependency Walker to handle and press the Add button.


Once you have selected the drives you wish to search in the Drives to Search list, press this button to begin searching. While searching, all controls in the dialog will be disabled except the Stop and Cancel buttons.


This will stop the currently running search. If there is no currently running search, then this button will be disabled.


Once the search has completed, you can press this button to add all the highlighted extensions in Extensions to Add list to the handled list and return to the Handled File Extensions Dialog.


Press this button to close the dialog without adding any file extensions to Dependency Walker's handled list. If a search is currently running, the Cancel button will stop the search first, then close the dialog.