System Information Dialog

This resizable dialog displays information about the current computer, operating system, and user. If the active Module Session is actually a loaded Dependency Walker Image (DWI) file, then all the information in the System Information Dialog describes the computer that saved the DWI file rather then the current computer. The caption of this dialog will contain the text "(Local)" if it is displaying live information for the current computer. For DWI files, the caption will contain the name of the DWI file that the information is stored in.

All the information shown in the System Information Dialog is also saved to text and DWI type files when you use the Save Command or Save As Command.


Closes the dialog.


Refreshes the dialog with updated information. This button will be disabled if the data shown is really from a loaded Dependency Walker Image (DWI) file.

Select All

Selects all the text in the text window. This button is useful before pressing the Copy button if you wish to copy the entire text window.


Copies the selected text in the text window to the clipboard. This button is disabled if no text is selected.