Start Profiling Command (Profile Menu)

This command will display the Profile Module Dialog, which allows you to configure and start profiling of the active Module Session.

This command will be disabled if any of the following apply:

bullet You have not loaded any modules into Dependency Walker.

bullet The application is already being profiled. If this is the case, then the Stop Profiling Command will be enabled.

bullet The Module Session represents a loaded Dependency Walker Image (DWI) file. DWI files are snapshots from a previous time and possibly from a different system. The files displayed may or may not correspond to files on your current system, and therefore cannot be profiled reliably.

bullet The root module of the active Module Session does not match the system you are running on. For example, a 64-bit Alpha module cannot be profiled on a 32-bit x86 computer.

bullet The root module cannot be a DLL, OCX, or similar type module. It must be the main executable file (usually ends with .EXE) of an application.


Keys: F7