Dependency Walker Help Contents

bullet What's New in Version 2.2

bullet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Overview of Dependency Walker

bullet Why Use Dependency Walker?

bullet Using Dependency Walker for Troubleshooting Modules

bullet Using Dependency Walker for General Information about Modules

bullet Command Line Options and Return Values

bullet Overview of Module Version Numbers

bullet Types of Dependencies Handled By Dependency Walker

bullet Using Application Profiling to Detect Dynamic Dependencies

bullet How to Interpret Warnings and Errors in Dependency Walker

bullet Dependency Walker Path (DWP) Files

Understanding the Module Session

bullet The Module Session Window

bullet The Module Dependency Tree View

bullet The Module List View

bullet The Parent Import Function List View

bullet The Export Function List View

bullet The Log View

Menus and Toolbar

bullet The File Menu

bullet The Edit Menu

bullet The View Menu

bullet The Options Menu

bullet The Profile Menu

bullet The Window Menu

bullet The Help Menu

bullet The Toolbar