Auto Expand (View Menu)

When this option is turned on, the Module Dependency Tree View will automatically expand the tree to show modules as they are added. This includes all modules that are detected during the initial loading of a session, as well as all modules found during profiling.

When this option is turned off, the tree is never automatically expanded as the result of a new module being added. The only exceptions are the root module and modules that contain errors. The root module will be expanded to show the immediate dependencies of that root module. The tree will also be expanded to show any modules that contain errors. All other branches of the module tree will remain collapsed unless you expand them.

This command can also be used to quickly show all modules that contain errors. Whenever this option is turned off, the tree will automatically collapse all nodes except for those that contain modules with errors. If this option is already turned off, you can simply turn it on and back off to force this effect to occur.


Keys: F8